Aug 18, 2016

Original content required

What is originality? How do you teach a thinking machine to think?

How do you define thinking outside the box? Where is the box and why are we in it? Who's designed the box? What is the box made of? Is it made from the same material as us? Are we the box?

Are we our jailors and prisoners? Are we the ones throwing the keys to our cells out the window and hoping a miracle will come along and unlock the gates? Are the bars bendable and made of highly ductile steel? Will they shatter against our massive shockwave inducing thoughts that tremble our feet and design our world? Will the bars hold us to prevent self-harming? Are we glass cannons and cannon fodder all wrapped in one and gift packaged ready to be delivered in all the abyss of subconsciousness at the slightest whim of hope of freedom? Is freedom actually defined by external factors rather than just a mindful construct of the consumeristic era of the internet where all our thoughts thrive to be online one more time, to catch one more like and smell our own bowels with satisfaction of self-sufficiency and external validation of strangers whom we'll never know or meet in real life, in the flesh and blood incarnation gently tucked into cotton and man-made woven cloths to shield our fragile future corpses and express our heavily marketed personality through a blend of colors and trims that make us appear somewhat more appealing to people of our own race with which we have little or no interest of mating, as our offspring will likely condemn us to years of diaper slavery and work dullness due to unreasonable fears of unemployment that will lead to failure to bring up a child in decaying world with soluble values and imprecise reasons to exist?

As the mind succumbs to reasonably unstable foundations, the train must eventually depart from the station, hungry for more passengers to feed it's everlasting continuous toxic existence in which little to no thought is spared the harsh judges of truth and sustainability. Do we need this in our lives? Do we struggle to keep a face to bash against the cold winds of society just for the sake of being a part of a whole? Is the whole satisfying enough to keep the coal churning monster returning time and time again to the same platform in which time is never a priority? Is time ever a priority? It competes with us, it mocks our goals and our ambitions. Time, if anything, is not a neutral gentle witness to our fights and battles, but it's the sole enemy that will ever truly take it's final victory when all other wars have waned and all but the empty shell of our broken dreams pave the way in the music of the bagpipes to meet our ultimate destiny. Time will prevail, no matter what our puny struggles and thoughts and creations might have. Change is the constant that time brings. Accepting and coping with change is the challenge. The gauntlet is thrown at our faces with fierce brutality. Face the challenge or face defeat. But defeat is not the end. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. If you lose and don't learn, what are you? Are you human or are you a jester, playing to the tune of life's cruel tricks, amusing others with your misery and suffering. Do not quit. The ending is just a beginning, for life may still exist in other forms. Forms perhaps far worse than the existence we know and hate, or far better. One can only hope for the best in a second chance, but maybe second chances will not be given. Not out of lack of valor and understanding and acceptance of a religion, but rather due to an unforeseen consequence of unknown magnitude. Failure to comprehend your own wrongdoings is a wrongdoing in it's own right. And failure will not be tolerated by your future self. Think of others more than yourself, for you do not exist. By the time you have processed a single thought while staring blankly into the night sky, you will have changed. You will be different and in a continuous state of change. You do not matter, for you only exist in the future. There is no present-you, there is only future-you. Consider the present and it's gone before you notice it. Think of others and love others more than yourself, for you are another person second after second. You can be anyone you want, but to really break through the brick walls of reality, first break yourself and the present.

This might have wondered more than other posts, struggling between keeping a single idea in check and expanding it until the universe can no longer contain the thought. Ideas have a basis, concepts rely on existing templates of thought transmitted through education into the deep borrows of our cortex. It only takes a single sinapse to provoke a chain reaction that leads to revolutions and wars. It only takes a flick of a switch to turn our blue heaven into a charred wasteland. In the mexican stand-off between concepts in antithesis there can be no victor. No thought outwits another. No concept cancels another. Our minds are curious fields. Seed terror and they spawn nightmarish thoughts. Seed hope and the spawn even more nightmarish thoughts. Truly wonderful the creator of such diabolical beasts with the capacity of wiping out not just their own but all species is. And yet, contemplating on the cycle of life, an infant can barely crawl without being in mortal peril at every step. But we do crawl, some through life and others through responsibilities. We crawl, we snarl and we curse, but we do not change. We linger. We hope. We wither. We die.

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